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This is a novel keyboard from the East. 【Innovative Transformation】2-IN-1 Touchpad with Numeric Keypad The idea of 2-in-1 touchpad is that make the touchpad with numeric keypad. You can easily switch the touchpad /number keypad to multi-touch trackpad mode or number keypad mode freely. 【Enhanced Efficiency】Enhance Typing Efficiency The Nums smart keyboard provides an excellent typing experience, enabling faster and more efficient text input for working and studying. 【Ultra-Thin Design】The sleek and ultra-thin profile of Nums Touchpad Keyboard perfectly complements the aesthetic of your MacBook or Surface device, maintaining a minimalist look and feel. 【Wide Compatibility】Nums Touchpad Keyboard is designed to be compatible with all of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro models, offering a versatile solution for enhancing your laptop experience. We’re passionate about connecting with creators like yourself who help share our story.

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