Numpad • Flash-lanuch Deck • Touchpad Cover

Unleash the power

of touchpad.

"A new Kind of

"Nums trasforma il trackpad in una tastiera numerica, 
emolto altro"
"A unique way of adding a number pad to a MacBook."

Born out of necessity.

Speed & Accuracy

Increase your data entry speed and accuracy with this up 20 keys numeric keypad, including all numbers, dedicated keys for pre-programmed files, URLs, Apps and more. 

with Nums

without Nums


It's neither top one-line number keys, nor a numpad on the far right. Just placed perfectly on your trackpad, allowing your hands to sit in a perfect neutral position.

of less finger movement

"It's super thin.

It doesn't affect the trackpad usage."

It's not just a boring number pad for Mac it can also function as quick launch keys for various functions.


the touchpad's abilities.

One-finger gesture to seamlessly switch between number and mouse cursor modes, plus to smoothly activate caculator or flash-launch deck.

Activate Number mode

Swipe from the upper-right corner to activate Number mode. Scroll blindly to revert to Mouse Cursor mode without any hassle.

Activate Calculator

Swipe from the upper-left corner to quickly open Calculator so you can calculate the numeric value of expressions quickly and comfortably.

Activate Flash-launch deck

Swipe from the left-side for specific commands in a flash. Choose from 20 reassigned keys to locate Apps, files or URLs quickly.

Acitivate Full-screen mode

Swipe from the bottom-right corner to trigger Full-screen mode. Repeat the same gesture to revert to the normal display mode.

Designed with

aesthetic-usability in mind.

The best touchpad additions are the ones we don’t remember. This is the driving insight behind NUMS — a touchpad film that feels original from the laptop, you can completely forget what you just operates on it.

Taping, even in the dark.

metallic ink printed on the back.

So it will never fade away. High reflective and sheen allows you to tap effortlessly in all lighting conditions. 

Wait, it's ultra-thin glass.

acid-etching glass film for perfect friction.

Meanwhile, the process of exchanging alkali metal ions in the surface of the glass makes its resistance to fracture.

Environmental commitments

We love the Earth!

Long-last design

The main material used in Nums is high-quality glass with specialized coating to manage sweat erosion. Additionally, the process of alkali metal ion exchange increased the strength of the surface layer on the glass. Consequently, makes its resistance to fracture. Looking at the consumpation of plastics for the manufacture of film protectors world-wide, we are trying to make goods last longer.

Sustainable packaging

Luckey removes the conventional non-recyclable foam from the package and replaces it with paper cushioning structures. 100% recyclable packaging makes it the best possible safety asscessory in terms of envirnmental friendliness.

FOUNDER OF LUCKEY • Industrial Designer

Gong, Huachao

"It's not about the award, 

it's about making things matter and better."

  • 2011, Reddot: best of the best, Germany

  • 2015, iF Design Award, Germany

  • 2016, IDEA Award, United States

  • 2017, GOOD DESIGN Award, Japan

  • 2018, Creative Business Cup Grand Prize, Denmark

  • 2019, Design Intelligence Award, China

Nums for laptop

Available for Windows, Mac OS now.

  • Surface Laptop

  • Surface Book

  • Surface Go

  • Surface Pro

  • MacBook

  • MacBook Air

  • MacBook Pro